Hate job interviews?

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Without solid interview skills you will never achieve your full career potential

Most people work really hard to get better at their jobs but don’t spend any time improving their job interview skills.

This often leads to them working at jobs for far too long with less responsibility and salary they should be getting.

When they try to apply to new jobs, they quickly get rejected due to poor interview skills and decide to stay at their current job because “it’s safer”.

This is a recipe for disaster and wasted career potential.

Improving your interview skills is the fastest way to elevate your career

When most people get rejected during job interview process, they think it’s because of their job skills.

In reality, most people get rejected because of their poor job interview skills.

Hiring managers have no idea of knowing what your actual job skills are having a couple of calls with you – the only thing they can judge is how you present yourself.

If you don’t do this properly – you will never get the job you deserve.

If you do this properly – you will get so many job offers it will be hard to choose from.

Fortunately, improving at job interviews is easier than you think.

The secret to succeeding in job interviews

What really is a job interview? In essence, it’s pitching and selling yourself.

Most of my professional life I have worked in technology sales which in simple terms means I talk to people all day and pitch my product.

After a couple of years of doing it I have gotten quite good at it, so when I have to pitch myself I can do it pretty well.

After teaching my system to my friends, they started getting much better results in their job interviews, and I realized I could teach it to anyone and help them get their dream job.

I want to help you

Last time I applied for jobs I got five 100K+ job offers in 4 weeks without massive experience.

I truly believe I can help others get much better jobs which is why I want to take on a few people and help them improve their interview skills.

I am offering a completely FREE 30 min call where I will help you with anything you are struggling with.

If you are just getting constantly ghosted from job interviews but don’t know why, I will help you understand why and we can work on a plan to fix it.

Because I am still working in my full-time job, I have only a few slots available every week, so don’t wait because they book fast!

Frequently asked questions

I am very good at job interviews – I get to the next stage on average in 8 out of 10 interviews. Last time I applied for jobs I got 5 amazing offers in 4 weeks for more money that they had listed in the job offer.

I have taught my system to friends who work in IT, finance, consulting, engineering etc. Interview techniques are universal and you can apply them to any industry.

It’s a lot easier to improve at interviews than you think. You just need to have the right system.

I have helped many of my friends succeed at interviews and I want to start helping more people.

What others say about me

“Completely transformed the way I approach and do interviews. They should teach this to everyone”
Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young
“With Gustavs training I got 30% more money in my job offer than I was initially hoping for. Amazing stuff.”
Financial analyst at Deloitte